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The maison SENOBLE

A family affair


Sophie Senoble creates the artisanal dairy shop of Jouy, in Burgundy


André Senoble successfully develops the know-how tranmitted by Sophie


Claude Senoble focuses the business on fresh dairy products


Marc Senoble becomes CEO of the group and starts to export and emphasize the Senoble desserts


The first Senoble Famille Gourmande boutique Opens in Paris city center

The timeless Senoble values


At Senoble, we are always looking for the best taste using natural, pure, intense flavours. Therefore we do not allow any compromise and do not use any artificial ingredients and stick to artisanal techniques. Our milk, cream, butter...are carefuly selected. Our mousse, Chantilly, ganache and coating are home-made.
All of this to provide you with
a top quality experience
and pleasant moment with us.

French tradition

Ile Flottante, Petits Choux, Eclairs, Cheesecake... Senoble creates products that are inspired by French gastronomy.

It is a unique heritage that we want to pay tribute to. Indeed, you can never be wrong by refering to it!


"Senoble is a family, a big family.
All of the 4 generations have always been surrounded with local producers and pastry chefs, all passionated with providing top quality products and sharing their know how!"


Senoble will celebrate its 100th birthday. The recipe of its success is its ability to reinvent itself to satisfy its customers. Once more, the Maison Senoble is ahead with its dairy DNA as a guideline. Its pastries are tasty, light, generous and look amazing!

The perfect balance between traditional and trendy!

Un savoir-faire et recevoir